Sapele, Flat Sawn Dimension

s4s-Surfaced 4 Sides. 95-100% Clear. 6' and Longer, Kiln Dried. We Make Any Custom Size.
Sapele, Flat Sawn Dimension Prices per Linear Footage as of Jul 26, 2021
Description 100-249 L.F. 250-499 L.F. 500-999 L.F. 1000+ L.F.
1x2 Flat Sawn Sapele 7.25 5.25 3.75 3.05
1x3 Flat Sawn Sapele 8.25 6.25 4.75 4.05
1x4 Flat Sawn Sapele 9.00 7.00 5.50 4.80
1x5 Flat Sawn Sapele 9.75 7.75 6.25 5.55
1x6 Flat Sawn Sapele 10.50 8.50 7.00 6.30
1x8 Flat Sawn Sapele 12.00 9.50 7.50 6.80
1x10 Flat Sawn Sapele 12.50 10.00 8.00 7.30
1x12 Flat Sawn Sapele 13.50 11.00 9.00 8.30
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Dimension Lumber
Description Number of Linear Feet Needed Subtotal
1x2 Flat Sawn Sapele
1x3 Flat Sawn Sapele
1x4 Flat Sawn Sapele
1x5 Flat Sawn Sapele
1x6 Flat Sawn Sapele
1x8 Flat Sawn Sapele
1x10 Flat Sawn Sapele
1x12 Flat Sawn Sapele
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  • Characteristics
    USES:  Honduran Mahogany substitute. Both Indoor and Outdoor applications.
    ORIGINS:  Western Africa
    BOTANICAL NAME:  Entandrophragma cylindricum
    COMMON NAME:  Sapele-Mahogany, Sapelii
    COLOR DETAILS:  Rich Mahogany tones, Consistent color.
    WEIGHT:  3.7 lbs per B.F.
    WORKABILITY:  Other than intermittent interlocking grain, Sapele is easy to work, glue, and stain.
  • Capabilities

    Plain Sawn Sapele s4s Lumber for Sale

    Sapele is an African hardwood in the mahogany family that continues to grow in popularity compared to the more expensive and less abundant Genuine mahogany (Sweitenia macrophylla) from South America. It's appearance, outdoor capabilties and over all price and availability make it an outstanding choice for our dimensional lumber (s4s - surfaced 4 sides). It is readily available in both quarter sawn (ribbon cut) and plain sawn lumber in 4/4 through 16/4 thickness.  Wood Vendors offers both plain sawn Sapele dimension as well as the highly sought after Ribbon Cut Dimension Sapele.  We can custom make any size, just ask!

    Call Pat or Tom at 1-877-983-6367 to discuss your options in Sapele today!

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