African Mahogany Dimension

Tagline : s4s, KD, available in Flat & Quarter Sawn-Ribbon, Random Lengths, 95-100% Clear. Custom Sizes available. Prices are for flat sawn, call to confirm Quarter Sawn-Ribbon pricing.

Alder, Knotty Dimension

Tagline : s4s, Kiln Dried, Rustic Appearance, Sound Knots, Checks, Color Variation are inherent. 7 to 10' Lengths.

Alder, Superior Dimension

Tagline : s4s, KD, Clear Face. Consistent Color. 7 to 10' Lengths. Pin Knots are not a defect in Alder.

Birch Dimension

Tagline : s4s, KD, Natural Color, 90-100% Clear, 6'-10' Lengths. Custom Sizes and Color Pulls also available.

Cherry Dimension

Tagline : s4s-Surfaced 4 Sides, KD, 90-100% Red Face, 90%-100% Clear Face. Custom Sizes Available.

Douglas Fir Dimension

Tagline : s4s, Kiln Dried, Vertical Grain, 95-100% Clear. Kiln Dried. 6' and Longer. Custom Sizes Avaialble.

Hard Maple Dimension

Tagline : s4s, KD, White (Sap) Face & at least 1 Edge. 95% Clear Face & at least 1 Edge. Custom Sizes Available.

Mahogany Dimension

Tagline : s4s, KD, South American "Sweitenia macrophylla" 95-100% Clear Face, 6-10' Lengths. Custom Sizes Available

Red Grandis Dimension

Tagline : s4s, Random Lengths 6'-16', 90-100% Clear. Custom Sizes Available.

Red Oak Dimension

Tagline : Flat Sawn. 90-100% Clear, Kiln Dried, 6'-12' Lengths, Square Edges. Custom Sizes Available.