Mahogany Dimension

s4s, KD, South American "Sweitenia macrophylla" 95-100% Clear Face, 6-10' Lengths. Custom Sizes Available
Mahogany Dimension Prices per Linear Footage as of Jul 26, 2021
Description 100-249 L.F. 250-499 L.F. 500-999 L.F. 1000+ L.F.
1x2 Mahogany 6.90 5.15 3.65 2.80
1x3 Mahogany 7.70 5.95 4.45 3.60
1x4 Mahogany 8.55 6.80 5.30 4.45
1x5 Mahogany 9.30 7.55 6.05 5.20
1x6 Mahogany 10.05 8.30 6.80 5.95
1x8 Mahogany 11.85 9.85 8.60 7.60
1x10 Mahogany 13.20 11.20 9.95 8.95
1x12 Mahogany 14.75 12.75 11.50 10.50
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Dimension Lumber
Description Number of Linear Feet Needed Subtotal
1x2 Mahogany
1x3 Mahogany
1x4 Mahogany
1x5 Mahogany
1x6 Mahogany
1x8 Mahogany
1x10 Mahogany
1x12 Mahogany
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  • Characteristics
    USES:  Mahogany wood is a high-end hardwood used in furniture, architectural millwork, boat building, musical instruments etc.
    ORIGINS:  South America, mainly Brazil, Bolivia and Guatemala
    BOTANICAL NAME:  Sweitenia macrophylla
    COMMON NAME:  Genuine Mahogany, Honduran Mahogany, South American Mahogany
    COLOR DETAILS:  Mahogany wood darkens to a consistent, rich dark red-brown color with exposure to sunlight
    WEIGHT:  Approximately 3.4 lbs. per board foot kiln dried
    WORKABILITY:  Outstanding workability, easy gluing, finishing, ripping ect.
  • Capabilities

    Mahogany Dimension for Sale

    Wood Vendors uses only the finest South American Mahogany, known botanically as "Swietenia macorphylla" for our dimenisonal s4s.  It is called by many different names including Genuine mahogany, Honduran mahogany, True mahogany, South American, etc. and is one of the most sought after species on the planet due to it's outstaning working properties and it's unique deep rich, red-brown finish that darkens over time.  

    Wood Vendors sells many of the Genuine mahogany substitutes including Sapele, African Mahogany, Sipo, Edinam, Santo Mahogany and can tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of each.  Call Pat or Tom at 877.983.6367 to discuss your mahogany options. 


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