Birch Dimension

s4s, KD, Natural Color, 90-100% Clear, 6'-10' Lengths. Custom Sizes and Color Pulls also available.
Birch Dimension Prices per Linear Footage as of Jul 26, 2021
Description 100-249 L.F. 250-499 L.F. 500-999 L.F. 1000+ L.F.
1x2 Birch 6.35 3.60 2.35 1.75
1x3 Birch 6.65 3.90 2.65 2.05
1x4 Birch 6.95 4.20 2.95 2.35
1x5 Birch 7.20 4.45 3.20 2.60
1x6 Birch 7.45 4.70 3.45 2.85
1x8 Birch 8.25 5.50 4.25 3.65
1x10 Birch 9.40 6.90 5.65 4.90
1x12 Birch 10.30 8.05 6.55 5.80
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Dimension Lumber
Description Number of Linear Feet Needed Subtotal
1x2 Birch
1x3 Birch
1x4 Birch
1x5 Birch
1x6 Birch
1x8 Birch
1x10 Birch
1x12 Birch
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Birch Dimension Appearance and Design Attributes

Primary Color Tone: white

  • Characteristics
    USES:  Cabinets, Millwork, substitute for Hard Maple
    ORIGINS:  Central and North Eastern USA and Eastern Canada
    BOTANICAL NAME:  Betula alleghaniensis
    COMMON NAME:  Yellow Birch, Sap Birch
    COLOR DETAILS:  Creamy white sapwood, Brown to Reddish-Brown Heartwood
    WEIGHT:  Approximately 3.7 lbs. per board foot kiln dried
    WORKABILITY:  Interlocking grain can cause tearouts while milling, but generally easy to work with.
  • Capabilities

    Birch s4s Dimension for Sale

    Wood Vendors uses only the highest quality of Birch lumber available from reputable sources ensuring both great quality and yield for our dimensional lumber. The sapwood is the outside or the living part of the Birch tree. The heartwood comes from the center of the tree and was not living at the time that the tree was cut down. Birch sapwood is a white to creamy white and is available as a "Sap & Better" sort meaning selected for Sap or White wood in the cuttings. Birch heartwood ranges from dark brown to reddish dark brown in color. Because our dimensional lumber is customer made, we can select for lumber based on your color preferences of natural color (mix of sap and heart - called "Calico"), selected for white or sap or pulled for heavy heart which is referred to as red birch.

    We would love to help with your next Birch project. Call Pat or Tom now 877-983-6367.

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