Alder, Knotty Mouldings

Tagline : Rustic Appearance has Sound Knots, Checks, Color Variation. 7-10' Lengths. Samples available.

Alder, Superior Mouldings

Tagline : Clear, Consistent Color, 7'-10' Lengths. Allows minimal pin-knots. Custom Sizes, Profiles Available. Call for Samples.

Cherry Mouldings

Tagline : Clear Face and Edge, Red Face. 7'-12' Lengths. Custom Sizes, Custom Cherry Profiles Available. (Click on Blue "i" to determine Net Dimensions. Photos below) SAMPLES AVAILABLE

Maple Mouldings

Tagline : Hard Maple Trim, Clear and White on Face. 7'-12' Lengths. Custom sizes, profiles also available. Samples Available.

Red Oak Mouldings

Tagline : Northern Red Oak Trim. Clear Face and Edges. 7'-12' Lengths. Custom Sizes and profiles also available. Call for Samples.