Red Grandis Dimension

s4s, Random Lengths 6'-16', 90-100% Clear. Custom Sizes Available.
Red Grandis Dimension Prices per Linear Footage as of Jul 26, 2021
Description 100-249 L.F. 250-499 L.F. 500-999 L.F. 1000+ L.F.
1x2 Red Grandis 5.90 4.15 2.40 1.80
1x3 Red Grandis 6.25 4.50 2.75 2.15
1x4 Red Grandis 6.60 4.85 3.10 2.50
1x5 Red Grandis 6.90 5.15 3.40 2.80
1x6 Red Grandis 7.15 5.40 3.65 3.05
1x8 Red Grandis 7.85 6.10 4.35 3.75
1x10 Red Grandis 8.60 6.85 5.10 4.50
1x12 Red Grandis 9.65 7.90 5.90 5.40
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Dimension Lumber
Description Number of Linear Feet Needed Subtotal
1x2 Red Grandis
1x3 Red Grandis
1x4 Red Grandis
1x5 Red Grandis
1x6 Red Grandis
1x8 Red Grandis
1x10 Red Grandis
1x12 Red Grandis
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  • Characteristics
    USES:  Cabinets, Flooring, Furniture, Casework, Mouldings
    ORIGINS:  South American Plantations
    BOTANICAL NAME:  Eucalyptus grandis
    COMMON NAME:  Eucalyptus, Grandis, Lyptus
    COLOR DETAILS:  Varies from light to medium reddish-brown
    WEIGHT:  Approximately 3.4 lbs. per board foot kiln dried
  • Capabilities

    Red Grandis s4s Dimension for Sale

    Red Grandis is plantation grown eucalyptus that has a grain similar to Mahogany.  Due to the current ban on exportation of Philippine Mahogany and relatively inexpensive price point, Red Grandis is commonly used as a Philippine Mahogany substitute.

    Wood Vendors custom makes s4s (surfaced 4 sides) Red Grandis to your specifications.  Edge-glued panels and Red Grandis Mouldings are also a custom made product we supply.  

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